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Things to Inspire You

This beautiful poem which I have been reading at the end of my events and some classes has touched so many people. I often get asked for a copy so here it is for all to enjoy. 

Breathe by Becky Hemsley

She sat at the back and they said she was shy,
She led from the front and they hated her pride,
They asked her advice and then questioned her guidance,
They branded her loud, then were shocked by her silence,
When she shared no ambition they said it was sad,
So she told them her dreams and they said she was mad,
They told her they’d listen, then covered their ears,
And gave her a hug while they laughed at her fears,
And she listened to all of it thinking she should,
Be the girl they told her to be best as she could,
But one day she asked what was best for herself,
Instead of trying to please everyone else,
So she walked to the forest and stood with the trees,
She heard the wind whisper and dance with the leaves,
She spoke to the willow, the elm and the pine,
And she told them what she’d been told time after time,
She told them she felt she was never enough,
She was either too little or far far too much,
Too loud or too quiet, too fierce or too weak,
Too wise or too foolish, too bold or too meek,
Then she found a small clearing surrounded by firs
,And she stopped…and she heard what the trees said to her,
And she sat there for hours not wanting to leave,
For the forest said nothing, it just let her breathe`
~ Becky Hemsley ~


Moon Milk Recipe

Moon Milk is always a popular option at the end of my retreat evenings. Mugs full of warm oat milk laced with deeply nourishing herbs and spices send my yogi students off for the best nights sleep. 
It contains turmeric a lovely inflammation soother, cardamom believed to lower blood pressure and aid breathing and cinnamon which is a super spice with anti bacterial, gut health boosting and cancer fighting properties. Nutmeg is a natural sleep aid and ashwagandha, an adaptogenic root herb, is a friend to the nervous system and particularly great at easing you to sleep. Ginger helps speed up your digestion so all the goodness gets into your system quicker and the whole mix helps sooth a racing, restless mind. So much goodness in one little drink.
I’ve been asked a lot for my recipe so here it is. Based on a lovely recipe from @bonappetitmag - enjoy!

Tip: make a batch as it keeps well in a sealed jar for you to scoop a heaped spoonful out each evening.

Serves 2:
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp ground ashwagandha root powder
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp black pepper
Milk of your choice
Honey to taste

- Warm the milk
- Stir / whisk in the mix (ideally cook the milk and mix in a pan for 10 minutes on a low heat)
- Add honey just before serving

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