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Yoga comes in many different styles and disciplines and it is this wonderful variety that makes yoga so accessible to everyone. No two teachers are alike and even their interpretation of a particular style of yoga makes their classes unique. Just like a piece of music, we all play the same notes but we put them together in a different order and at a different pace - it is often the pauses and the silence between the notes that make the music unique. And so it is with yoga. 

My yoga includes a variety of styles - sometimes strong, with movement linked to my breath and other times more gentle - easing my body and mind through a slower flow. But it is flows, whether fast or slow that I love - this moving meditation makes my heart sing and soothes my soul. I support my practice with yoga inspired strength and flexibility drills as mobility is important to me. Sharing what I love and seeing how others love it too is lifes greatest joy.   

I am based in North Cardiff in South Wales and teach in a number of venues in and around my area. Take a look at my class schedule on the 'Classes this Week tab' and  'Book Online' page. I keep this website up to date but for the latest news and stories please also follow me on Facebook or Instagram too.


See you on your mat real soon, Stef x



I know what it's like to have a body that is over weight, stiff, sore and not working properly. Discovering yoga, taking time for myself - rolling out my mat and practicing yoga - has helped transform my physical and mental health. Sharing this with others is incredibly important to me. 

I link movement with breath so we can reconnect with our bodies. By giving ourselves this moment to focus our attention on the present moment, aware of alignment and breath, working on increasing our ability to move with strength and flexibility we can enjoy a moving meditation that will leave you with a feeling of vitality and peace. 

At times slow and considered and other times strong and energetic, my classes are perfect for anyone wanting the benefit of a work out combined with elements of relaxation - a moment in their day just for them!

Yoga Flow / Vinyasa Flow

A strong dynamic vinyasa flow based class with modifications for mobile beginners but plenty to challenge an intermediate yogi too. Designed to improve strength and flexibility with a gentle inward focus to improve both physical and mental well being. Prepare to get lost in a flow linking movement with breath that will make your heart sing, working up a heat in the body but with some wonderful stretches to calm and relax too. A perfect balance of energising and soothing. 


Slow Flow / Hatha Flow

A slightly more gentle class than Yoga Flow, although we still work to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Classic yoga poses are linked with the breath and the flow is at an easy pace giving time for each posture and modifications. A class perfect for those wanting to gently challenge their bodies but to find a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. 

Conditioning Yoga

Not yoga as you may know it. My Conditioning Yoga classes are designed to work alongside your regular training and practice. They open your body, release stiffness, build strength and enhance your performance whether that is in yoga, cardio or strength based training. These high intensity workouts and drills are packed with yoga inspired exercises designed to build rock solid strength and endurance, ingrease agility, flexibility and mobility and to boost your focus, balance and stamina. 

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga is a fast tempo, nonstop yoga class giving a cardio workout and building strength and flexibility into the body. The Rocket will wake up the nervous system feeding it energy - a feel good experience that opens the body and clears the mind. Arm balances, inversions, back bends and spinal twists are peppered throughout the class keeping energy levels high and challenging you into a practice of growth and developing. Uplifting, feel good, playful and energetic. A feel good class. 

Kids Yoga

Interactive magical adventures where your little ones can practice yoga, mindfulness and relaxation through story telling and play. All the while building strength, balance and confidence. With guided mediatation and relaxation as well as breathing techniques they will take with them tools to help them handle any stresses and worries that they have in thier everyday life. Ages 4-12 years old. 

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Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom