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My Yoga Flow classes link movement with breath and are designed to build strength and stamina, increase flexibility and mobility and gently encourage an inward focus that will improve your physical and mental wellbeing. I also offer Slow Flow and Hatha classes for those wanting a slower, more gentle practise that will still challenge the body and relax the mind. Look out for Beginners Classes from time to time too.

I am adding new classes to my schedule all the time so you might want to keep an eye on my 'Book Online' page or follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I also offer 121 or small group lessons for those that would prefer not to practise in a class or would like guidance on a personal level. 

Christmas is fast approaching and I am offering various gift vouchers. Available for use with any class bookable on my website. Drop me an email if you would like to know more. 



I know what it's like to have a body that is over weight, stiff, sore and not working properly. Discovering yoga, taking time for myself - rolling out my mat and practicing yoga - has helped transform my physical and mental health. Sharing this with others is incredibly important to me. 

I link movement with breath so we can reconnect with our bodies. By giving ourselves this moment to focus our attention on the present moment, aware of alignment and breath, working on increasing our ability to move with strength and flexibility we can enjoy a moving meditation that will leave you with a feeling of vitality and peace. 

At times slow and considered and other times strong and energetic, my classes are perfect for anyone wanting the benefit of a work out combined with elements of relaxation - a moment in their day just for them!

Yoga Flow / Vinyasa Flow

A strong dynamic vinyasa flow based class with modifications for mobile beginners but plenty to challenge an intermediate yogi too. Designed to improve strength and flexibility with a gentle inward focus to improve both physical and mental well being. Prepare to get lost in a flow linking movement with breath that will make your heart sing, working up a heat in the body but with some wonderful stretches to calm and relax too. A perfect balance of energising and soothing. 


Slow Flow / Hatha Flow

A slightly more gentle class than Yoga Flow, although we still work to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Classic yoga poses move linked with the breath and the flow is at and easy pace giving time for each posture and modifications. A class perfect for those wanting to gently challenge their bodies but to find a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. 

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